ag体育智能交通实验室在IEEE Transaction on Intelligent Transportation Systems期刊发表论文

栏目:科研亮点  发布时间:2017-10-09

近期,ag体育智能交通实验室郑建颖课题组的研究论文发表于期刊IEEE Transaction on Intelligent Transportation Systems,该期刊是面向智能交通系统领域的二区期刊,影响因子为3.724。论文的第一作者是ag体育2014级硕士研究生王卿同学,相关研究工作的发表,表明ag体育在智能交通系统领域的相关研究工作已经达到较高水平,同时表明ag体育研究生的人才培养工作也已经达到较高水平。


标题:Roadside Magnetic Sensor System for Vehicle Detection in Urban Environments

作者:Qing Wang, Jianying Zheng, Hao Xu, Bin Xu, Rong Chen

论文摘要:Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are widely researched to improve the traffic situation. In ITS, vehicle detection system plays a significant role. At present, vehicle detection is often conducted by inductive loops, which are very expensive and inconvenient to install and maintain. Video camera is another frequently used detector, but it needs high computing power. In order to solve these problems, this paper focuses on the development of a roadside magnetic sensor system for vehicle detection. The device is installed at the side of the road and measures traffic in the adjacent lane (the closest lane to the sensor node). The data are transmitted by the IEEE 802.15.4 communication protocol. A novel adapted threshold state machine algorithm is proposed to detect vehicles. Since false judgments created by large vehicles passing in the nonadjacent lane (the lane next to the closest lane to the sensor node) are frequent in urban environments, a novel feature extracted by fusion of three magnetic sensor signals are proposed to reduce this error. The developed magnetic sensor system is wireless, compact, and cost-effective. The experimental results show that the proposed system achieves high accuracy and is viable in urban environments.